Saturday Night

Saturday Nights have a certain vibe

Even when you’re 6 years old

I’m fast asleep

So is my sister

Wake up


Come on let’s go to the living room, hurry

Whats going on

It’s so late

Close to midnight

This is unheard of

Dad has popcorn

The TV is on

Oh I see!

Here comes Hulk Hogan!

Saturday Night Main event

The energy

The drama

The oil

The fun

The popcorn

The memories

The love

Thanks dad.



Paper Boy

Paper Boy

I must have been 13 or 14. Kind of a scrawny kid too, I could have passed for 11.

I had a paper route though. This was helpful.

I could buy clothes and rent Nintendo games.

Really whatever I wanted.

Work Pays.

There is a lesson in there.

I would always pick up my papers that I was to deliver at one of my customers house.

The driver wouldn’t drop the papers at my house because I was outside his zone.

My customer got a free subscription in exchange for letting me use her porch.

It was on this porch I would read the paper before I started my route.

One of the perks.

I loved football.

I would play by myself if I had to.

Throw it up run, under it, TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS!!

The Seahawks.

They are moving to Los Angeles.


I grew up watching the Seahwaks.

My dad would hand me some crinkled bills and change.

“Son ride your bike over to Safeway and get us some candy and chips for the Seahawks game”.

Ok dad.

I hope they win.

That was gonna go away.

I’m beginning to realize life is a prick.

It’s cold on the route today.

Ok I’m at the porch.

Flip to the sports page, then get this over with.

Headline: PAUL ALLEN Buys Seahawks.

“The Blazers owner?”

We get to keep the Seahawks.

I’m 34 now.

We did good.

Thank you Paul.

Go Hawks.