Video Store

There used to be this video store in my town called “Video Sight and Sounds”. It was in a quiet strip mall and it had a black sign with yellow letters. I’d ride my bike down there every time I had an extra $2.14. That is what it cost to rent a Nintendo game.  But really it was worth the two bucks just to walk around the place. Action movies in the back, new releases in the front and there was a room with a sheet as a door and we all knew that’s where the dirty movies were. The 80’s/90’s vibes were immeasurable. Picking out the Nintendo game was risky business. You got the game for 2 days and if it sucked you were ass out of that weeks allowance. My way around this was go with repeats of what I knew was good. Tecmo Bowl, TMNT, Double Dragon.. But don’t fall for the fancy covers. Every Star Wars game sucked shit. May as well use my money for baseball cards and a Jolt Cola.

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