Waking up

Imagine you have been in a Coma since Thanksgiving and you wake up at present moment.

You go home and everyone is wearing masks and the streets are empty.

You ask your family: “ What is going on, what did I miss”?

Family: Well there’s a CORONA virus going around it’s a global pandemic!!

You:You’re kidding me that is awful, what is the Virus??

Family: Well it transmits like the flu and you can end up on a respirator. It is dangerous. The news is reporting 24/7… Everything is shut down!!

You: Shut down??

Family: Yes Schools, non essential business, parks, beaches, restaurants, bars, theaters. Pretty much everything but grocery stores. The Cops will take you to the jail if you take your child to the park or you walk on the beach.

You: Oh my gosh!! How long do I have to survive if I catch it?? This sounds like  “The Stand”..

Family: Well you probably won’t show any symptoms or very mild symptoms. Most people recover fully. The survival rate is being reported by various Health orgs as between 97.8- 99.4. Even those over 80 are extremely likely to survive.People with diabetes and heart disease as well as other health issues are at higher risk.

You: That sounds concerning but there aren’t people lying dead in the streets?

Family: No everything is stable and most hospitals have excesses in rooms, beds etc… Several doctors are speaking out against restrictions but they are immediately silenced by the media and the celebrities.. Bad news is we are going to lose our house and millions are losing their jobs and businesses. 

You: This makes no sense, are you sure we are getting the truth?  Wake up like me!

Family: Well I just don’t know,  the politicians say it is for the greater good. And don’t say that so loud someone might hear you.

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