The Blob

I remember watching a movie when I was about 8 years old

Sitting on the living room floor

It was a Saturday afternoon and it was one of those cheesy SCI-FI Films

It was called “The Blob”

This slimy blob  just sort of oozed through the city assimilating anything in its path

It would eventually threaten to swallow up the whole town

If memory serves, a group of teenagers blew it up or burned it

Something like that

Got me thinking

It’s kind of like our Dictator

We have a dictator?

Donald Trump?

No it’s not the Donald

I almost said it was the media

But thats just a part of the Blob

It’s also the Internet, Facebook, T.V. Snapchat , Hollywood, Celebs

Celebs are the fucking worst. Like preachy evil droids

Basically anything that can burrow into your psyche

Collectively these things are The Blob

The Blob is our dictator

People are scared shitless of the Blob

Say the wrong thing

It doesn’t matter if you pledged allegiance to the Blob

You shouldn’t have worn that shirt

Blob has spoken

Just fucking try the Blob

No Mercy

It will swallow you into it’s mass until you are muck

Somebody better slow this thing down

Maybe a couple of greasers

Just like I saw on TV

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